Wooden Globe Awards

Every year, the WMIA honors excellence among woodworking companies by presenting the annual Wooden Globe Awards. WMIA members nominate their customers, and awards are presented in three categories: Innovator, Educator and Commitment to Excellence Through Technology.


In addition, the WMIA's distributor members present the Partner of the Year award to a woodworking machinery supplier who best exemplifies the spirit of partnership.


Benefits of Participating


For the Nominator:

A chance to showcase a successful customer utilizing his equipment and be invited to WIC free of charge.


For the Winner:

A chance to showcase his company and products  to the WIC audience and, just as important, to the trade press That will spread the word through their publications.


Great long-term exposure for both parties.



2013 Wooden Globe Awards

WMIA presented its 2013 Wooden Globe Awards at this year's Woodworking Industry Conference held in Tempe, AZ. The recipients were: Innovator of the Year, Kotter Woodworking, Inc., Borden, IN; Commitment to Excellence through Technology, Stanley Furniture, Robbinsville, NC; and Educator of the Year, North Salem High School, Salem, OR.


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Educator: North Salem High School



Dean Mattson, Wooden Globe Educator of the Year award winner, with Harry Moser (left) president, Reshoring Initiative.

Woodshop teacher Dean Mattson, a former businessman who has sparked excitement - and waiting lists to sign up - for woodworking classes at North Salem High School in Oregon, delivered a riveting speech about his woodworking students during WIC 2013, the Wood Industry Conference, here in Tempe.

Mattson, a former cabinetry business operator, said when he arrived,  the woodshop classes had become a dumping ground for students who failed other educational tracks at North Salem High School. Shop class enrollment was shrinking, and the program was filled with poorly performing, unmotivated students, many, not coincidentally, from disadvantaged backgrounds. In fact, 20 percent are homeless.

Mattson told of one student - a 15-year-old girl - who had a never received a grade above a D. He challenged her to work hard on a wood project, a 15-inch square lamp table, with the promise of C. The student did such a good job, he gave her a B, which elicited tears.

"I never thought I would get a grade that high," she told Mattson, adding, "This is perfect for my dining table. My sister and brother and I can all just fit around it." Incredulous, Mattson asked what she meant.

"We live in the back seat of our car," she told him. Mattson was dumbstruck, as was the audience listening to his speech in Tempe. The student explained that she had trouble completing homework because it was dark, and cold, in the car she and her siblings called home.

From that point, the student went on to finish high school, got a job as a secretary, and three years later rents an apartment where she looks after her brother and sister.

Galvanized by this and dozens of other students' stories, "I needed to react quickly," Mattson told the rapt audience. "So I ramped up the program." Raising $600,000, he asked for donations of equipment and supplies. The school is a member of WOODLinks USA and the Woodwork Career Alliance.

"Truckloads came," he said. The program was reset from a woodshop class, to a high school curriculum using woodworking as a basis for STEM-based education - teaching science, technology, engineering and math with hands-on applications. The woodworking education program at North Salem High is thought to be the largest in the U.S. And next year it will double in size, to 950 students, reputedly the largest woodworking program in the world.

"Now its time for some of you to join in," Mattson told the Wood Industry Conference suppliers groups in Tempe. Clutching the Wood Globe, Mattson said, "I don't know if I deserve this award. But my students do. And we have a chance to change how industry is run."

Mattson received a standing ovation and triggered laughs and some tears; and he was flooded with well wishers and likely donors at the end of the Wooden Globe awards ceremony.




Innovator of the Year:  Koetter Woodworking


WMIA presents its Innovator of the Year award to a company that produces a unique and innovative wood-based product or uses an innovative process to produce a wood-based product using high technology machinery supplied by one or more WMIA member companies. This year's recipient, Koetter Woodworking, Inc. was nominated by WMIA member Hoosier Woodworking Machinery, Inc. Jerry and Brian Koetter accepted the award.

Koetter Woodworking created and updated: EnvisionIT; a profile library and architectural design program. EnvisionIT has a variety of features to assist with the creation of unique architectural designs for residential or commercial millwork projects. It also provides the ability to access the complete Koetter Woodworking library of stock and custom profiles.


In response to the the recession, Koetter Woodworking implemented a new business strategy. They cut inventories and reduced labor, while shortening lead times on orders. Koetter did this by reorganizing from the time they received orders (EnvisionIT), to manufacturing products (purchased new machines that were quick-change, automated, with less labor), to ensuring orders were shipped correctly. In 2012, Koetter committed money (software and machinery) and time (training and re-educating their team members) to make this happen.


Koetter Woodworking, Inc has moved all manufacturing back to their main facility in Borden, Indiana. This enabled team members to work more closely together and reduce lead times by half.

As a one-stop source for mouldings, doors, stair parts, custom millwork, wood flooring, and more, Koetter Woodworking services cabinet and furniture manufacturers, architectural millwork distributors, lumber yards, and wood flooring distributors. Working together with a variety of distribution chains, Koetter Woodworking is able to provide the entire 

millwork package for both residential and commercial building projects.


Commitment to Excellence in Technology:  Stanley Furniture


Stanley Furniture of Robbinsville, NC received the Commitment to Excellence Through Technology Award. Bob Harold accepted the award at the Woodworking Industry Conference.

In 2010, Stanley Furniture made a bold decision to buck the trend of our times, and bring production of a furniture line back to our shores. A challenge that seems insurmountable for multiple reasons to a multitude of industries. This is why Doucet Machineries Inc. and Weinig USA jointly agreed on a company whom we felt was a bright example of a Commitment to Excellence through Technology. Because how else can you combat those challenges without a commitment to an excellent product and the technology to produce that product.

Stanley Furniture is known throughout the industry for products of traditional construction, with superior quality. Their goal was to successfully bring the Young America line of furniture back to U.S. shores. Their challenges included reducing costs while guaranteeing the same quality for which they are known. Stanley made multiple technology investments to give this dream a chance -- new packaging systems, finishing solutions, material handling projects, advanced rough milling solutions. They did not refuse to dream big to achieve their success.

With these investments, Stanley Furniture now proving products "Made in the USA" can be successful and profitable.

WMIA's Commitment to Excellence in Technology award is presented to a company whose continued investments in  high technology machinery provide the necessary competitive advantage to compete successfully in today’s global market.







Past Winners

See past winners of the Wooden Globe Award


  • Innovator: Koetter Woodworking, Inc.
  • Educator: North Salem High School
  • Commitment to Excellence: Stanley Furniture 



  • Innovator: Premier Hardwood
  • Educator: Blum, Inc.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Northland Forest Products 



  • Innovator: Select Veneer
  • Educator: Carpenter's Training Program
  • Commitment to Excellence: Foliot Enterprises 



  • Innovator: Anvil Motion
  • Educator: Hennepin Technical College
  • Commitment to Excellence Through Technology: Hoff Enterprises



  • Innovator: Paladin Industries
  • Educator: Madison Area Technical College
  • Commitment to Excellence Through Technology: Jasper Chair Company and Custom Cupboards



  • Innovator: OFC Panel Processing LLC
  • Educator: Michigan Career and Technical Institute
  • Commitment to Excellence Through Technology: OFS Brands



  • Innovator: General Casework
  • Commitment to Excellence Through Technology: KraftMaid Cabinetry
  • Educator: West Ottawa High School



  • Innovator: Woodharbor Doors & Cabinetry
  • Commitment to Excellence Through Technology: PIN
  • Educator: Architectural Woodworking Institute (AWI)


  • Innovator: Premier EuroCase
  • Global Marketer of the Year: Loti Corporation
  • Educator: Georgia Tech College of Architecture


  • Innovator: LesCare Kitchens, Inc.
  • Global Marketer of the Year: Hollman, Inc.
  • Educator: United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners/Las Vegas International Training Center


  • Innovator: Lewis Lumber Products Company
  • Global Marketer of the Year: Sandberg Furniture
  • Educator: San Marcos High School


  • Innovator: American Woodmark Corporation
  • Exporter of the Year: Fish Construction, Inc.
  • Educator: Pittsburg State University's Woodworking Technology Department


  • Innovator: Eggers Industries/Neenah Division
  • Exporter of the Year: Swiss Services of Nevada
  • Educator: Cerritos College


  • Innovator: Siewert Cabinet & Fixture Manufacturing
  • Exporter of the Year: Design Fabricators, Inc.
  • Educator: Precision Wood Products


  • Innovator: d-Scan Company
  • Exporter of the Year: Bush Industries
  • Educator: Kent Career/Technical Center


  • Innovator: The Maiman Co.
  • Exporter of the Year: American Cabinetry
  • Educator: WoodLINKS
  • Partner of the Year: Altendorf America


  • Innovator: Ellstrom Manufacturing
  • Exporter of the Year: Haworth, Inc.
  • Educator: Fox Valley Technical College
  • Partner of the Year: Michael Weinig


  • Innovator: The Knoll Company
  • Exporter of the Year: ICO Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Educator: Stiles Education Center
  • Partner of the Year: Timesavers, Inc.


  • Innovator: O'Sullivan Industries
  • Exporter of the Year: American of Martinsville
  • Educator: Henredon Furniture Industries
  • Partner of the Year: C.R. Onsrud


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