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Wooden Globe Awards

Every year, the WMIA honors excellence among woodworking companies by presenting the annual Wooden Globe Awards. WMIA members nominate their customers, and awards are presented in three categories: Innovation of the Year, Educator of the Year, and Commitment to Excellence Through Technology.

Benefits of Participating

For the Nominator:

A chance to showcase a successful customer before the WIC attendees as well as coverage in industry publications. The nominator for each winning entry will have the opportunity to personally present the award to their nominee at the awards ceremony, and WMIA will pay the WIC registration fee and travel expenses for the nominators of the winning entries.

For the Winner:

A chance to showcase their company and product(s) to the WIC audience and, just as important, to the trade press, which will spread the word through their publications. Plus, the travel, hotel, and registration expenses for all award winners (and their significant others) are paid for by WMIA. This applies to one award winner per category.

Great long-term exposure for both parties!

Awards Criteria

Outlined below is the criteria for the three Wooden Globe Award categories. The winner of the Educator of the Year Award is chosen by WMIA’s Education Committee; WMIA’s Marketing Committee chooses the winners of the Commitment to Excellence through Technology and Innovation of the Year Award. For the Commitment to Excellence through Technology and Innovation of the Year Awards, WMIA’s Marketing Committee will select finalists in each category from among the nominees, and all finalists will be required to make a short presentation on a teleconference with the Committee (date: TBD). Please provide all necessary information. Doing so will provide your nominee with the best possible chance at winning.

Commitment to Excellence through Technology:
1. Narrative to include: Brief snapshot/history of the company, the product(s) manufactured, how and why the nominee
sees value in investing in the most recent woodworking machinery technology.
2. Include metrics which provide evidence the positive result of this investment.
3. List examples of the nominee’s ongoing investment in high-technology equipment supplied by WMIA-member companies over the past two years.
4. Provide any other information that will help the Marketing Committee in their decision such as: videos, photos, articles, brochures. Also, if possible, include a customer reference attesting to the quality of the finished product.

Educator of the Year:
1. PROGRAMS: List the woodworking programs the institution offers.
2. DEGREES/CERTIFICATES: Describe the degree/certificates given upon completion of the program.
3. PLACEMENT: Describe any placement programs available.
4. RE-EDUCATE: Describe programs that re-train individuals already in the workforce.
5. EQUIPMENT: List the WMIA-member-supplied high-technology equipment used in the education
6. INNOVATION: Describe any ways the institution is innovative or unique in its educational programs.
7. OTHER: Provide any other information that will help the Education Committee in their decision.

Innovation of the Year:
1. Narrative to include: Brief snapshot of the product(s) or process(es) manufactured, the genesis of the innovative idea, a
snapshot of the company, and how their use of woodworking machinery utilized provided advantages over the alternatives.
2. Include metrics which provide evidence of the positive result of this innovation.
3. Discuss recent activity to re-engineer processes, including any WMIA-member involvement.
4. Provide any other information that will help the Marketing Committee in their decision. Most helpful to the evaluation process would be a portion of the strategic plan that specifically highlights the role the woodworking machinery helps to make the innovative product or service possible.

Download the nomination form.

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