Chairman of the Board’s Message: September 2018

More Value from Your Membership

dave new picIt was great to see many of you at IWF in Atlanta last month. Booths were busy, the halls felt crowded, and there was a terrific buzz in the air. Whether you participated as an exhibitor or as a distributor, I hope that it was a good show for you and your company.

As you know, we held our annual Member Happy Hour in Atlanta on Tuesday evening, prior to the official start of the show. Once again, we had a terrific turnout (see the pictures below), a great mix of new and long-time members and their colleagues. It’s always nice to have an opportunity to socialize with each other before the craziness of the show takes over!



WMIA’s Board and staff have always been committed to giving you more value from your membership. When I became the Association’s Chairman of the Board I mentioned that one of my top priorities was education for the industry with a focus on our members’ own people. A primary objective was seeing that WMIA provided more programs like our successful WTII Boot Camp for salespeople. Building on requests we had received from members, I’m very excited to say that we recently launched with WTII a Boot Camp for service technicians, focused on electrical and mechatronics-related issues, as well as some safety and customer service tips.

Our very first session, scheduled for mid-October at Pittsburg State University, sold out, and we’ve already opened registration for the next session, which will be held January 4-6, 2019. See the related article in this issue for more information on the Boot Camp for service technicians, as well as how to register for this and our original Boot Camp for salespeople, which will be held January 7-11, 2019. If you’re committed to investing in the development of your sales and technical staff, these trainings are fantastic because they were designed specifically for our industry and focus on your business issues.

If member feedback to the new Boot Camp is good, we’ll consider developing a more advanced training for service technicians which expands on this first course. But we’re also interested in what types of programs you want to see WMIA develop. Please share your feedback with Larry Hoffer, WMIA’s President and CEO, at or 571-279-8341, or me, at or 781-585-4364.

We look forward to your ideas and hearing reactions on the new Boot Camp. We’re always interested in finding new ways to bring you more value for your dues dollars, and this type of training pays great dividends for our members and the industry as a whole.

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David Rakauskas
WMIA Chairman of the Board