Contact Michael Battaglia at [email protected] to join a committee.

Education Committee

Chair: Jessica Freeseman

The Education Committee reviews WMIA Educational Foundation scholarship applications makes specific scholarship recommendations for consideration by WMIA Educational Foundation Trustees and serves as mentors to scholarship recipients. This committee also selects the Educator of the Year.

Joint Technology Committee

Chair: Wes Bryant

The Joint Technology Committee is a joint committee through WMIA and WMMA that educates members on technology trends that could help their business, customers, or community. The JTC creates and presents webinars for WIC and throughout the year.

Awards Committee

Chair: Wes Love

The Awards Committee reviews and selects the WMIA’s Wooden Globe Awards that are presented at WIC each year.

Membership Committee

Chair: Rick Braun

The Membership Committee is responsible for the overall coordination of the association membership program. The committee works to maintain membership and actively recruit new qualified members to sustain and grow WMIA.

National Affairs Task Force

Chair: Andy Turner

The National Affairs Task Force’s goal is to increase awareness and grassroots and tort reform. The task force monitors national legislation, informs members about government activity, and advocates for WMIA through public policy forums.

Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

Chair: Bruce Rosenthal

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private, non-profit federation of standards developing organizations and standard users. The TAG helps ANSI coordinate the U.S. voluntary standards system and helps approve American National Standards.