WMIA News: March 2021

Virtual WIC Economic Outlook Presentation

WMIA and WMMA are pleased to announce the return of Thomas Landstreet to present an Economic Outlook session virtually on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 2:00pm EST. Attendees of the 2018 Woodworking Industry Conference in Hawaii will remember his entertaining and insightful session. Registration is open to all members of WMIA and WMMA.

As he discusses government policies and their effect on the economy and markets, Tom observes that neither party has a monopoly on bad ideas. (He’s an equal opportunity critic!) With fascinating charts and graphs, Tom will entertain and educate participants as he did a few years ago.

Tom Landstreet is a vast resource of information on the economy, economic policy and financial markets. He is a knowledgeable communicator (published in WSJ, Forbes, CityWire) and is eminently quotable. He appears on The Daily Ledger, a weekly cable news show and is a sought-after public speaker.

Tom gives unique analysis on almost any topic and is fond of making bold predictions (which often turn out to be accurate). As a macro-oriented analyst and investor, he not only has to understand economic trends, he has to make money on them as manager of the N3L Fund, a global macro oriented hedge fund.

Tom has had a long career on Wall Street, serving in a variety of rolls. But it was his experience working for celebrated economist, father of “supply side” economics and Reagan economic advisor, Dr. Arthur Laffer that shaped his world view. Tom makes complex economic topics understandable.

Access the Presentation

Questions? Please email [email protected]

Wood Industry Career Awareness Campaign Now Live – Here’s How You Can Help!

You Wood is a new industry-wide career awareness campaign dedicated to providing information and resources about careers in wood. The campaign was developed by WIRC (Wood Industry Resource Collaborative), a group of leadership representatives from wood industry organizations. WMIA is a Founding and Executive member of WIRC, and other member associations include AWFS and WMMA (also both Executive members), AWI, CPA, IWF Atlanta, NWFA, NBMDA, WCMA, and WMA.

Want to help spread the word on this campaign?

Follow and share You Wood social accounts and posts:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Use the hashtag #YouWood on industry career-related social media posts
  • Redistribute the press release about the launch of You Wood to colleagues and customers
  • Link to the You Wood site on your website as an industry resource
  • Feature the You Wood website in your customer newsletters
  • Feature You Wood banner ads and images on your site or within customer newsletters.
  • Forward any of the following to the WIRC team:
  • Industry research
  • Relevant articles about the wood industry
  • Wood industry career data
  • Industry event information (events should be open AND applicable to students/job seekers)
  • Contact information for individuals we can potentially feature/showcase on the You Wood website
  • Any content you create that would be of interest to students and/or job seekers

Share your feedback with the WIRC team!

Virginia Tech Housing Report – January 2021
Virginia Tech – U.S. Forest Service has published its housing market commentaries for January 2021. These commentaries contain in-depth data and comments on the U.S. housing market.

Part 1: Main

Part 2: Economic conditions

The housing report is a free service of Virginia Tech, Virginia Cooperative Extension, and the U.S. Forest Service. The reports are intended to help you gauge future business activity. All past housing reports are archived at: https://www.woodproducts.sbio.vt.edu/housing-report/.

To read past housing reports, click here.

Where Are They Now? Requests

To date, WMIA has awarded over $480,000 in financial support to students looking to continue their education in the wood industry. But once these scholarship recipients graduate, what happens to them? Do they stay in the industry or do they pursue another path? WMIA has recently begun profiling past scholarship recipients. We’re looking for more past recipients, so if you received a scholarship or know someone who has, please contact Olivia Mueting at [email protected].

Learn more about some of our past recipients by visiting here.

Upcoming Events

April 21, 2021
Virtual WIC Economic Outlook Presentation

July 20-23, 2021
2021 AWFS Fair
Las Vegas, NV

May 3-6, 2022
2022 Woodworking Industry Conference (WIC)
Paradise Island, Bahamas

August 23-26, 2022
2022 International Woodworking Fair
Atlanta, GA

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