Secure Your Spot at IWF 2024: Exhibit Planning in Full Swing!

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Are you considering whether it's too early to start planning for the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in 2024? The answer is a resounding no! In fact, according to the IWF website, the exhibit registration process is already underway, and it's never too soon to secure your presence at this premier event in the woodworking industry. 

IWF 2024: Embrace the Opportunity 

With the excitement building around IWF 2024, industry professionals are urged to mark their calendars and begin the preparations. The IWF team is already extending an enthusiastic invitation to all woodworking enthusiasts, exhibitors, and visitors, signaling that registration doors are wide open.

WMIA Membership Advantage 

For Woodworking Machinery Industry Association (WMIA) members, the benefits of exhibiting at IWF are even more compelling. Notably, WMIA members are entitled to an exclusive discount on their IWF booth, providing a remarkable cost-saving advantage. If you haven't yet joined WMIA, now is the perfect time to do so.

Elevate Your Experience with WMIA 

WMIA offers an unparalleled combination of networking and education, setting a new standard for industry excellence. As a WMIA member, you can access top-notch opportunities to connect with peers, stay updated on cutting-edge developments, and enhance your woodworking expertise. But that's not all. WMIA membership empowers you to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of woodworking, giving you a voice and a vote in the industry's direction. 

Unveiling the Value

The discounted rate offered to WMIA members for an IWF booth is a powerful testament to the overall value of a WMIA membership. This unique privilege solidifies the notion that investing in WMIA membership pays dividends through various benefits, from financial advantages to professional growth opportunities. 

Your Next Step: WMIA Membership

Curious to learn more about the valuable benefits of WMIA membership? Reach out to Jacob Slonim at [email protected] and explore how becoming a member can transform your woodworking journey. Unlock a world of possibilities as you tap into WMIA's resources, expertise, and camaraderie.

 Stay Informed with IWF Updates 

As the anticipation for IWF 2024 continues to build, don't miss a beat. Sign up for updates from the IWF Team and stay connected with the latest news and developments surrounding this pivotal event. 

In conclusion, while the IWF may still be a year away, the time to act is now. Secure your place at this influential woodworking industry gathering, and maximize your benefits as a WMIA member. Embrace the opportunity to network, learn, and contribute to the future of woodworking. Let's make IWF 2024 a milestone in your woodworking journey!

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