Lockdowel appoints Jason Howell CEO and president

“Lockdowel Inc. has named Jason Howell, former WMIA board member, its new CEO and president. Howell has served the woodworking industry for 21 years, including his last 10 years as president of Weinig Holz-Her USA.

With an MBA in International Business and a passion for organizational leadership, Howell brings new direction and insight to position Lockdowel manufacturing methods as the industry standard in furniture and cabinet construction.

‘Jason is a business strategist and development expert with experience in growth management, industry analysis, process improvement, and tactical execution,’ Lockdowel founder Fred Koelling said. ‘He completely aligns with Lockdowel’s purpose in that his passion for work is achieved through the success of customers.”‘

Howell has chosen to spearhead the slide-to-lock, manufacturing product Lockdowel after carefully evaluating the company’s current and potential success.”

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