Member Spotlight: Wayne Masengill, Masengill Machinery Co., Inc. (April 2017)

Wayne Masengill, president, Masengill Machinery Co., Inc.

It all began in 1963 when Bill Masengill, Wayne’s father, worked for his father-in-law, Arlie Walters, who owned Walters Equipment Company. This opened the door for young Wayne to hang around and clean the shop when he was only 10. “I was just like most other SOBs, Son of Bosses, or in my case, Son of Bill,” laughed Masengill.

Masengill5Masengill attended the University of Tennessee and majored in Business and Industrial Management. During his college years Wayne would spend school breaks in the office working in the accounting department, purchasing department, or conducting service work.

Wayne spent a summer working for Don Cully at Cully Engineering and Manufacturing Co. (CEMCO), a manufacturer of boring machines and wide belt sanders. “I worked for CEMCO during that summer where I received my first taste of manufacturing equipment,” explained Masengill. Don Cully and Bill Masengill had history together; they both had gotten their feet wet in the woodworking industry through the design and manufacture of rough mill conveyor systems while at Walters Equipment Company.

Another summer, Masengill got the opportunity to work at Palmer Machinery Company in Jacksonville, Florida. Dick Nordby, who previously worked for Onsrud, and Bill Masengill were equal partners in Palmer. It was Bill’s idea for Wayne to expand his woodworking background through shared experiences with Dick Nordby while working at Palmer Machinery.

Over the years, and with various business experiences, Wayne Masengill became the president of Masengill Machinery Company, Inc. and the Cherokee Metal Products, Inc. He has been married to his wife Michelle since 1978 and is proud of his three grown children.Masengill6.png

Masengill doesn’t foresee a time when he stops working. He said, “I don’t see myself retiring, I just want to work on my own schedule.”

With a Masengill7stamping operation, rental properties, and the machinery distributorship, Masengill is juggling various projects at any given time. “The good thing about the woodworking machinery business is that it’s like a smorgasbord, every day a project is different from the one before. The majority of our business is with repeat customers but we try to expand our base through making every customer a repeat customer. Customers and industry associates are a huge part of our success.”

A final thought.  Bill Masengill always said, “Son, if you don’t come home with sawdust in your pocket or in your pants cuff, you haven’t been in the trenches today.” With that said, have you looked in your pocket or pants cuff today?