President’s Message: January 2017

The Reward of Awards lhh pic

In early February, one NFL team will get the opportunity to hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy as the winners of Super Bowl LI. (No comments from the New England or Georgia contingents of our membership.)

Except for the fans of the losing team (and perhaps those who like to root against the winning team), a Super Bowl victory is good not only for the winners. The NFL and the sport of football as a whole benefit as well by holding out the winning team as an example of success.

I use this as a roundabout way of encouraging nominations for WMIA’s Wooden Globe Award program.

For a number of years now, WMIA has recognized extraordinary companies and institutions for demonstrable success and achievements, accomplished at least in part through the use of high-technology machinery and software supplied by WMIA-member companies. While I’m not equating winning a Wooden Globe Award to winning the Super Bowl per se, the core concept is similar: using the winners of these awards as examples of what can be achieved by companies which invest in new equipment and technology helps potential customers of WMIA members, and the public at large, understand the value of doing so. If more companies understood the difference such investments could make to their productivity, efficiency, and profitability, you’d have more customers.

If you’ve considered submitting a nomination for the Wooden Globe Awards, now is the time to do so.

What’s in it for you? You get the chance to showcase a successful customer utilizing their equipment. The nominator for each winning entry will have the opportunity to personally present the award to their nominee at the awards ceremony during WIC 2017 in Palm Springs, CA, April 25-28, 2017, and WMIA will pay the WIC registration fee, travel expenses, and two nights’ hotel accommodations for the nominators of the winning entries. And whether or not your nominee is selected as the winner, each nominator will receive a WMIA polo shirt emblazoned with the Association’s logo.

What’s in it for them? The winners get the chance to showcase their company and products to the WIC audience and, just as important, to the trade press, which will spread the word through their publications. Travel and two nights’ hotel expenses for all award winners and their significant others will be paid for by WMIA.

Nominations for the 2017 cycle are due February 12, 2017. You can review the awards criteria to see how WMIA’s Marketing Committee evaluates nominees, and when you’re ready to submit your nomination, download the entry form.

Don’t miss this opportunity to recognize those worthy of this award. Questions? Please contact Jeff Linder at, or 571-279-8342.

Thanks in advance for helping us continue to increase awareness of the woodworking machinery industry, and all of you.



Larry Hoffer
WMIA President