President’s Message: July 2017

lhh picHere’s How You Can Help WMIA…

When I speak to members, I sometimes hear things like, “I wish I could get more involved in WMIA, but I really can’t take the time away to attend WIC,” or, “How can we get others from our company to participate in the Association?”

Maybe you’ve thought similarly but haven’t had the opportunity to ask a current Board member or me.

Simply put, one of the easiest (and most affordable) ways to get involved in the Association is to join one of our committees or task forces. WMIA’s committees have been hard at work over this last year, and those efforts will continue. But to achieve greater success, we need you.

We need more volunteers to help move our programs forward. If you’ve thought about joining a committee but didn’t know where you might be needed, if you were involved years ago but are interested in getting involved again, or if there are members of your staff that could be valuable committee members, I encourage you to let me know.

The committees seeking more volunteers include:

  • Education Committee: Members of this committee review the applications for WMIA Educational Foundation scholarships each year as well as nominations for the Educator of the Year Wooden Globe Award. The committee will also be helping develop new educational programs to help better train your staff, including an advanced version of the WTII Boot Camp. (Chris Hofmann, Colonial Saw Co., Inc., chairs the Education Committee.)
  • Marketing Committee: This committee reviews the Wooden Globe Award nominations and explores other forms of member recognition, as well as creates opportunities for members to interact during IWF and AWFS. The Marketing Committee also will provide guidance on how to promote the newly revamped website (see related article in this issue). (Erich Mazurek, Maze Machinery LLC, chairs the Marketing Committee.)
  • Member Services Committee: The Member Services Committee is working to increase member value and enhance the membership experience. Many of the new benefits that have been introduced over the last year have come from this committee’s efforts. (John Benjamin Henderson, John Henderson & Company, chairs the Member Services Committee.)
  • National Affairs Task Force: This task force is working to chart a legislative agenda for WMIA and ensure the industry’s interests are well-represented before lawmakers. Members have participated in recent legislative fly-ins sponsored by NAM and WMMA. (Volker Schmitz, Schmalz Inc., chairs the National Affairs Task Force.)
  • Technology Committee: This committee is a joint effort with WMMA. The main responsibilities of this committee are preparing the technology presentation and overseeing the app for WIC 2018, and helping members better harness technology for the benefit of their business. (James Scarlett, Scarlett, Inc., is the chair of the Technology Committee.)

While many of the committees meet during WIC, the majority of their work is done via conference call and online in the months leading up to the conference, so individuals who cannot attend WIC are still able to participate. We’ve worked hard to ensure that the commitment of committee members isn’t too time-consuming or labor-intensive.

Send me an email ( or give me a call (571-279-8341) if you want to talk about which committee you might be best suited for, or better understand the responsibilities of committee members.

Take the first step toward helping your association—get involved!

Thanks in advance.





Larry Hoffer