Woodworking Machinery Standards Update


Winter 2017

A quarterly piece in the WMIA newsletter to keep you informed about WMIA-administered US/TAG activities.

2017 will be a busy year for the mirror committee to ISO Technical Committee 39, subcommittee 4 —woodworking machine safety. At minimum, three standards from the 19085 series (woodworking machines – safety) will be published over the course of the year, and likely more.  These standards require concerted effort by machine experts from both the US and Europe, who contribute their technical expertise to develop the best, current, state-of-the-art solutions to machinery safety issues. New to the 19085 series is part 15, presses and bending presses, for which we have secured two well- respected experts to review and provide comments to US/TAG members. On the meetings side, a working group meeting will be held in Paris in late February/early March 2017. One area of focus at this meeting will be part 8, wide belt sanding machines. US experts Jerry Tiry with Timesavers and Aaron Brink with Stiles have volunteered a significant amount of time working on this standard. One unresolved issue remains with this standard from the US comments that will be addressed at this working group meeting. The US will be prepared with strong supporting evidence for our case. Mark your calendars to see April’s newsletter to find out how the working group meetings went as well as other exciting news from the ISO standards world.